A Fly Gift, Fishin' with Mom

Mother’s Day is all about giving thanks to our Moms and celebrating those in our lives who have stepped in and shown us motherly care. While everyone has their own ways of showing appreciation on this holiday, at REYR Gear, we think our First Cast Fly Rod is a great gift, and Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with the mothers in your life kickstarting a new summer hobby, or continuing one they love. That’s right, fly fishing!

After more than a year of pandemic-living behind us, by now we’re all familiar with picking up new hobbies to pass the time, many of which involve spending time in nature to escape our homes and screens. Moms all over have started new outdoor hobbies: hiking, biking, climbing, birding, the list goes on. The First Cast Rod and Reel is made for travel with its quick and easy set up. This is why it’s a great choice for beginners, people who want to add fishing to the other outdoor adventures they enjoy, and folks who don’t have much time to fish but still want to get out there. The rod is stored rigged and ready to go, allowing anglers to start casting within 30 seconds of finding the right spot. 

Just imagine what a fun Mother’s Day could look like if Mom gets her own First Cast Fly Rod. We can already see it now: You pack a picnic basket full of Mom’s favorite foods and beverages. (The First Cast Fly Rod packs so small that it’ll fit right in between her favorite bottle of wine, sandwiches from a local deli, and snacks for the kiddos.) You travel to a nearby body of water and find the ideal spot with just enough sun and shade. Then you can spend a day on the water fishing, eating, laughing, splashing, and basking in the sun and each others’ company. What a great way to get mom hooked on a new hobby, and dare we say, start a new Mother’s Day tradition?

We’re wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day! 

~Rachel M 

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