Our travel backpacking fly rod shown!

A New Style of Fly Rod


Always Ready To Fish


From backpack to fish, FAST

Truly Different

We brought our ideas to life after finding a better way to travel, store and setup a fly rod.  These ideas came to a head with an internal lined (no eyelets!) telescoping fly rod that is always rigged and easy to use.  


Fun is what fishing is all about! The gear we provide makes it easier to get out and get on the water so you concentrate on the fish and good times rather than setup and storage. 


REYR [rair] (noun): Icelandic for reed or pole. We take homage to this word as the reed is a common sight whether at a local pond or high mountain stream it is a signal to us that we are near the water we love.

How To: The Reyr Gear First Cast Rod