Who designs fishing gear best - AI or Humans?!

With AI in our lives now helping with too many things to name here; we decided to see how good the AI tools are at helping to brainstorm and design outdoor gear like our innovative fly rod ideas.  So - we used Gencraft AI to test this out. 

We gave the AI tool some background and prompted it along the way... check out the results below! 

AI design query for fishing rod

Wow, well we also told AI to look at our design and gave it more hints about fly rods and tenkara rods to get closer - but it still came back with some pretty off-target but wild ideas! A fun experiment, and also a great insight to see how powerful and detailed these AI image generators can be.  However we think we will still be in business as humans designing creative gear to go fishing with - phew! 

Stay tuned here and watch for new gear before we get taken over by bots! 


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