About Us and This Idea

Where does the name come from?  

REYR [rare] (noun): Icelandic for reed or pole that we use to fish -
and reminds us of that rare and unique way we are approaching gear. 

We are Carbon Neutral!  Read THIS to learn more! 

Founders Message: 

As the founder of REYR Gear, I come from a background in product development. After learning in a fast-paced world I spent time reflecting on what I enjoyed most- fishing, hiking and biking. Within these activities, there was a gap in equipment to make them flow more effortlessly between each other, and improve all the experiences.  

I want to supply truly unique (I.E. rare) products so you can have even more fun outdoors. I believe the gear you bring outside with you should be a catalyst for an even more epic adventure. When the gear blends in and out of your day flawlessly I have accomplished that goal. What I developed makes it easier to travel to and get on the water so you can concentrate on the fish and good times rather than setup and storage. 

The FIRST CAST rod is the first product and is a combination of both the tenkara and traditional fly rods, however, it is more portable than a traditional rod and more functional than a tenkara.  We hope you enjoy the ability to travel or capability the reel offers to the fly fishing experience along with an almost non-existent setup to get you on the water and to that FIRST CAST. 

Thanks so much! 


C.F.O  (Chief Fly Officer)