FAQ + Instructional

How do you setup and use the rod? 

- Rod comes with line fed through it and all you need to do is open it up and take a cast, see video HERE 

What if I pull the line out of the rod? 

- You can feed it back through by following this little method HERE 

How do you collapse our net? 

- See this How To HERE

Can I buy the rod by itself? 

- Not right now,  We spent almost 2 years working on this combination of parts to make this rod work well as an easy to use system.  The goal is to give you a package that is ready to go and already setup when the box arrives!

Am I a lefty or righty for ordering?  

- A bit tricky with rods, but you should hold the rod with your dominant hand, and crank the reel with the other.  Our standard offering is for right-handers who hold the rod with their right hand,  the other is for those freakish lefties (like our founder) 

Does the reel flip from Righty to Lefty crank? 

- YEP!  flip the bearing on the reel and spool the line the other way if you have the wrong direction crank reel See video HERE on how to do it

Can I change the reel or line once I get it? 

- Yes these can be changed however you like, but we recommend staying with our line as we worked with engineers and industry experts to make specifically this line work well in the rod 

Can I use the rod in saltwater? 

- Yep! we would just recommend you take off the butt cap and rinse out the inside when you get home

I got my rod stuck open, what do I do? 

- You don't need much force to secure the rod open, but if it does get stuck at full length a twist of each section is usually most effective,  if not bump the bottom of the rod on a solid surface to try and coax it loose

Do you sell replacement tips and parts? 

- We cover any parts that are defective or broken in normal use free of charge, just show us a picture of what happened and we will work with you to replace what is broken.

- If your dog ate it or you slammed it in a car door though, we have a section where you can buy replacement parts HERE 

Return Policy:

- If you are not satisfied with your purchase please email us within 30 days of your ship date to communicate why and we will accept back the complete product in good condition and refund your purchase minus the shipping cost.