REYR Gear - Line Care

We have been getting tons of questions about line care lately,  and for good reason.  This rod is different and requires a specific line to be used in the rods for them to cast well since our line simply contacts more of the rod than a traditional fly rod.   

So throughout time we have worked with both Rio and Scientific Anglers to build lines that work well in these rods.   To take care of them you just need to clean them based on each manufactures method.   

If you bought a rod between 2018-Early 2022 and your line is all a teal color, you can follow the Rio cleaning instructions and use the Rio cleaning kits that they sell HERE for example, as they are currently back ordered for dealers like us.  

From Mid 2022 and on we have moved to a line from Scientific Anglers, which is a tri-colored line.  If you have this line, you should get the SA cleaning pads sold HERE and you just need to clean the line with this occasionally.  

Fly line dressing -  you can use this on all of our lines and will also help them gain some life.  

The lifespan on our lines is long,  you do not need to replace our lines often. For example the rods we have in-use we fish them hard, and fish them often. On these rods we get about 2yrs from a line  so you should not need to replace lines any sooner than that.  So 2-4yrs should be fine based on how much you use them.   

When you do need to replace the line in your First Cast Fly Rod - we have all the versions available in our spare parts section HERE 

*Please only use our lines to replace the lines in your rod to keep the performance up, if you want something different just email us and we can talk you through the lines that work in these rods.*






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