How It Works - REYR Gear Collapsible Fly Rod

Our collapsible "FIRST CAST" fly fishing rod is truly different.

It stores in a bag at 17" in length. With the reel and line already set up.
It uses no eyelets or guides on the exterior, the line travels inside the rod.
It is not a traditional fly rod, but fishes and casts like one.
It is not a tenkara rod, but packs down smaller than most.

It casts further than a tenkara but not quite as far as traditional. 
It is our take on a fly rod to help you travel easier and get on the water faster. 

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Versatile Performance
Half Tenkara - Half Fly Rod

The capability of a reel, and the portability of a tenkara.

17" Collapsed
Travels Small

Ours rods travel at 17-19" collapsed - Each section fits inside of itself for storage and protection in travel

Line fed & Fly Tied on
Travels Rigged and ready

just extend and cast

Internal line

Is the backbone of making this system work, and we dialed in a custom line for the task

How To Setup + Break down the rod