How To Use the REYR Gear Collapsible Fly Fishing Rod

This new collapsible fly fishing rod idea started as we saw a problem with current fly rods, we wanted to make them more packable and with less setup time. We wanted this because we enjoy hiking, biking, and fishing all the same, so why not develop a rod that helps each activity flow into the other effortlessly? The end result is a telescoping fly fishing rod that fits in any backpack or small bag, rigged and ready. When you find a good spot for a few casts it only takes 30 seconds to get your rod ready because it collapses down with the line fed through and fly tied on, ready for action, wherever you travel to. The rod has some design cues from both tenkara and traditional fly rods but is more packable than a fly rod and more capable than a tenkara.

How it Works

Our collapsible fly fishing rod is truly different.
It stores in a bag at 17" in length. With the reel and line already set up.
It uses no eyelets or guides on the exterior, the line travels inside the rod.
It is not a traditional fly rod, but fishes and casts like one.
It is not a tenkara rod, but packs down smaller than most.

It casts further than a tenkara but not quite as far as traditional. 
It is our take on a fly rod to help you travel easier and get on the water faster. 

If you have questions about the collapsible fly fishing rod, please do not hesitate to reach out through email at You can also follow REYR Gear on Instagram and on YouTube for not only product updates and demonstrations, but to also see what the REYR Gear team is up to.
No matter the location, REYR Gear is rigged and ready for any adventure.