How To Replace Rod Sections

In the unfortunate event that a rod section broke in your First Cast fly rod, you can replace it by following these steps. 

On any of our rods, sections 1-4 cannot be separated from each other based on the metal ferrule that is on the tip.  If you broke one of these sections you need to follow all of the steps below,  if another section was broken, you can skip steps 3 and 5. 

To swap the parts, it takes just a few minutes: 
1. Remove the butt cap on the handle of the rod and slide out all parts + line 
2. Take out the broken section 
3. If section 1/2/3/4 needs replaced:  use a cigarette lighter to add just a little heat to the metal tip on section #1 to soften the glue and remove it
4. Now all sections can be re-assembled together
5. If section 1/2/3/4 is replaced: Glue the newly supplied metal tip back on with the supplied glue
6. Re-thread the rod with the video shown below. 
7. Go fishin' !