New No-sacrifice 5 & 6pc Fly Rods!

In case you have been living under a rock (then, likely you are nymph of some sort!) We wanted to give the full details on our newest rod series - The BCR travel Rods.

Travel fly rods 6 piece

Why the heck did we do it?!

Well, we have an amazing set of telescoping rods that are super versatile and solve so many problems for travel and adventuring anglers, but there is still a lack of awesome travel fly rods.  Too many times the big companies (Orvis, Echo, Sage ect..) develop the travel series of rods as bargain rods and do not pay attention to the materials and aim to provide a beautiful casting rod – and that is were we aim to close the gap.  With advancements in carbon layup these days you can get the same smooth action you would expect out of a 4 or even 2 pc rod in the past.

What did it end up as?

These rods ended up as a rod series to get you fishing in most pieces of water out there,  and gives attention to the usually ignored 7wt for travel rods.   

Travel Rod Series REYR Gear

We also built them with the nicest Toray carbon we could find, and tested multiple rounds of layup to get to the actions we have landed on.  A focus on super smooth action for the 3wt - for delicate casting and to make those small brookies feel like monsters, then med/fast actions on the other rods that have a smooth action but still pack the power needed to cast bigger flies and muscle in bigger fish.  

Where did we make them?

Yep, many of you will ask – did you make these in the USA?.. Sorry we did not; as we do not have this facility and the costs to do this these days simply puts the rod in another category that most people cannot purchase.  So, we worked with an industry trusted partner in Asia, along with visiting the facility ourselves, to ensure high quality was first and at an attainable price point as well.

Who is it for then?

This rod is for the angler that simply wants a great rod that happens to also be a travel rod.  That rod tube for a 4pc rod is much bigger than you think when you try to stash it in your backpack or get on a plane right?  This rod series packs down to 22” in the tube, and simply fits way more places as a result. 

How do I get one?

That is the easy part.. in stock and ready to rock.  HERE


Travel fly rod casting 6pc


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