Our New Rod For Smaller Waters

Smaller and lighter.  So many of our customers have asked for the right tool for small mountain streams that caries our same mentality in design. It makes sense why they want it, and we do too!

High alpine hikes or even our neighborhoods have smaller waters with small but plentiful fish. To step up the fun, and challenge, of targeting these fish we tried a few things - to par down the stiffness and weight on our first cast fly rod, a more traditional style telescoping rod, and a tenkara rod. 

 What we found after testing and prototypes of each version is this: When testing a more traditional telescoping rod with eyelets to get the feel we were after – this rod was longer and much more fragile in storage than we were hoping to be true to our initial goals, since we could not tuck all the sections inside the handle.

Telescoping Rod Storage

When paring down the First Cast telescoping rod we had trouble getting the feel and flex of a super lightweight rod, without sacrificing the strength. This internal design requires a certain thickness of the tip section to get that, which in turn takes away from that sensitive tip. Then, in thinking about what makes REYR what it is - versatile fishing gear, that fits anywhere, and sets up fast, along with getting that sensitive feeling - we tested out some versions of a tenkara rod we dreamed up and we found success! In using this new rod it helped us travel even lighter, still travel with our fly tied on, and bring even more minimalism to our day out.  

However with this new thought of a tenkara rod to our lineup, we still want to stand out from the crowd and offer something no one else does. The other tenkara rods on the market still have not figured the rod out as a full kit. None come with an out of the box line management system on them that travels well and fits in the protective case, and the aftermarket options are not perfect either.

With these thoughts, we pulled the same style keepers from our First Cast fly rod to make this tenkara more capable, and always ready.

Our new rod, the Tiny Cast Tenkara, is the only one sold with factory installed line keepers (not all images reflect this yet though) and even the line installed by us. Just like all of our rods they come rigged and ready, just tie on a fly and cast in that tiny water near you.  

Check out more details on the rod below: 

We are selling the first 20 in a limited edition kit that includes: Rod, Line, Case, fly + tool kit and a minimalistic pouch to keep it all organized on your belt loop or backpack strap. 


  • Carlotta

    Very good article! We are linking to this particularly great content on our site. Keep up the great writing.

  • Shirley

    The blog post is really interesting I am really enjoying it while reading this kind of useful blog article.

  • Ernie Castillo

    Pls email me some clear pics of your Tiny Cast Tenkara to help me evaluate it. I’m new to the sport and would like to buy a quality rod. Pls advise and provide info

  • @reago.my.eggo

    Hey I’d love to buy one! Sounds awesome for all our packcountry adventures here in Montana!

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