Reflections and Horizons

After over a year of testing and prototyping, we successfully launched our innovative First Cast fly rod in July 2018.  In just six months, our rods made their way across the world to 7 countries and to several US states. The REYR rod is helping people explore new fishing holes, either in their own backyard or tagging along in carry-on luggage to enable good times wherever people go.

This year, we brought the rod to 6 new countries ourself, catching fish ranging in size from 6" to 30." While catching fish is always nice, the excitement of bringing a rod somewhere new and having a blast in each location is just as fun!

Looking ahead to 2019, we are planning to visit some new countries: Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Scotland, and Wales.  Where will you go to fish this year? Wherever it may be, send us your pictures in action or tag us on social media to get featured! (@reyrgear or

We are so thankful for your support of our product.  As entrepreneurs, we cannot tell you how much your purchase, social media posts, testimonials, and emails have meant to us! Please help us continue to grow by spreading the word and telling your friends about REYR Gear.

in 2019, we promise to help you get on the water in places you never thought of and will continue to improve and innovate outdoor gear without the constraints of tradition.  


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