REYR Gear Has Gone Carbon Neutral!

We started this company because we love and appreciate the outdoors, yet we are producing products and contributing to the world's greenhouse gases with each product we make and sell to you (arg, this is hard eh?!). This is changing our climate and impacting all the wonderful outdoor areas that we love; and to combat this we have decided to take action!

We are making the following commitment: 

We are committed to continuing to look for more naturally derived materials, sourcing methods, and reduce the movement of our goods. We are also committed to giving back to organizations protecting our waterways we love so much (ex: Trout Unlimited) - and to also take more direct action on each sale, we have joined Cooler.   

With Cooler’s help, we calculate the carbon footprint of each product you purchase from us. Cooler then certifiably eliminates greenhouse gases equivalent to the footprint of your product. We are doing this by purchasing pollution permits away from other industries and companies, and locking them up to ensure they don't get used and emit the carbon and other pollutants that go along with these permits. 

Learn more HERE on the methods to reduce the greenhouse gasses emitted, and learn more HERE on how we calculate the footprint of each product.

We will continue to keep you up to date on our efforts here, thanks so much for joining us on this journey! 


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