Rod Updates! - First Cast Fly Rod v2.0

We released the First Cast Fly Rods in 2018, and they have accompanied our team and customers around the world on their journeys in fishing - but they have been due a bit of tweaking. 

The 4wt - 9ft and 6wt - 8.5ft rods are now updated as described below.  

Updated telescoping fly rod

Rod Action: 

When we set out to make this rod the focus was on pure versatility and function, and wanting to create a reputation for reliable gear.  To do that we sacrificed a little bit of action and rod feel, but are ready to give some of that back.  

on Version 2.0 of the First Cast Fly Rods we have kept all the same versatility that we had before but improved our blank layup. We have been testing this on our 7ft rod for some time now, which has impressed us and reviewers, and now are adding this to our other rods. By including more fiberglass in the blanks and tuning the carbon we have created a softer rod with smoother action, closer yet to the feel of a standard rod.  The additions are not drastic but are welcomed improvement as we refine our rods. 

The best part -  we worked hard to make all the rod sections cross-compatible in the rare case someone needs a part for an old rod, or is in a pickle in the field - everything still fits and functions together with the past version. 

User Experience:

We also have been really trying to improve the set up + breakdown user experience on these rods since they are quite different from anything else on the market.  To do so, we have a nice set up video you have likely seen,  but also put a key instruction right on the rod.  On the largest rod section we labeled when to collapse and extend this one - as it has been the most likely issue when confusion arises. (Does your line look like a curled up old-school phone cord? then this benefits you!) Take note on the rod extend and collapse sequence! 

Collapsible rod improve

If you have a current rod and want to update,  then see below,  we can get you setup with just the rod sections so you can use your current reel and line,  

Check out all the rods HERE
If you currently own a rod kit and want to replace just the sections -  you can purchase them HERE





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