Dealer Info

Hello Dealers!
Thanks for jumping on-board,  here we will have all of the info that you need to learn about and sell these rods. 
First off check out this intro video: 
Performance:  Here is how we talk about the performance of these rods. We aim to offer versatility that no other rod does to get people fishing in more places. 
Here is also a little detail on the casting differences with this rod, customers may come in and say "hey this thing does not double haul"  - check out this video
Set Up: Below if the set up video to help you and the customers learn our sequence, 
If the sequence does not go in this order, sometimes the line can get bunched up and jammed on the inside of the rod sections. 
Warranty: YEP, Lifetime warranty.  Either you or the customer can contact us for parts
Lines & Reels: We developed this rod as a kit to make it easy to grab and go.  The line is matched to the rod and has slickness coatings on it to work with this design, we recommend just keeping with that and we have replacement lines too.
Cleaning / Maint. / Line Routing:   The inside of the rod stay pretty clean in normal use, but in the rare case it needs to be cleaned or the line gets puleld out from the rod,  you can take off the butt cap to clean and re-thread the line  - example video below