Fish Big and small!

The First Cast rod is meant to be a rod that travels well, is always rigged and ready, and can be used in a wide array of situations.  We have used it in 6 countries so far and caught fish large and small. 

Everyone speaks to having a different weight rod for all the different situations out there, but we have found that our rod, that maybe you would call ~6wt, works great in all the places we have used it.   

Small fish are super fun to catch on it. Our customer Pieter from South Africa reports that he thinks the fish feel bigger on this rod.  

Big fish work too!  We have really put the rod through some extreme testing by taking it pike fishing.  We had doubts the rod would survive the day and brought a spare one for this reason.  We started chucking a 6" streamer and sight fishing for the aggressive fish in a small stream. I convinced a 30"+ fish out from his hiding spot and then wrestled him to shore with success!  

We will continue to bring this rod in all of our fishing situations as it offers fun on the little guys and a power to bring in a monster if you are lucky to find them, 

Tight lines out there, 



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