Casts Before Work

Most us probably live in an area where you can fish within town, if you haven't looked you may be surprised what you find is available for a before or after work fishing trip.   

We tried out Crissy Field in SF before the 9-5 offices got rollin'  

We got onto the beach about 6:30 as the sun was coming up. We were armed with everything for the day in the backpack: Rod, clousers (of course), waders, light wading shoes and the things we needed for work and meetings after like a laptop, jacket and street shoes. 


We stopped to have the always needed discussion on tides and current that we think we know about. 

The weather was perfect,  it was warm and still in the air and water as the tide was reaching its top.  For fly fishing especially the tides and wind play a role for us to help us cast out better and lead to a more pleasurable excursion.  

We casted and enjoyed the view for just under two hours, then scurried off to our daily meetings after finding a few surf perch on our clouser minnows.  Walking away we simply tucked the gear in one backpack and off we went.  








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